My Goal is to raise
$5,000 in 2012.

Please make a donation today and let’s see how many animals we can help!

So far we’ve raised $3685.00 for the animals at MSPCA – Angell!

For a list of all the generous people who’ve contributed, click here.

Helping the animals is important to me because I really care about them. I get upset when I read about animals that are injured and not taken care of. I am donating this money to these animals because I think that they deserve to have a happy life and to get a second chance.

A couple months ago when I visited the MSPCA – Angell, there was one little chinchilla living there. When the rescue team found him, he had a lot of toes missing, scratches everywhere, and probably patches of fur missing. The MSPCA did everything they could for him and now he has just been adopted! It just takes a little gesture to save so many lives.